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How Much Should you Spend for Wedding Photography?

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Photography?

You go on Instagram and you see "Wedding Photography! Only $895!" Only to click and realize it is for a one hour package.

You are looking at your friends photographer and the photos are to die for. Only to realize her Dad spent $5000.

With pricing all over the map how much is it for a wedding photographer?

According to an article by The Knot. The average price of a wedding photographer is $2500.

Having been in the industry for 14 years I have heard far too many times couples go with these really cheap companies and say "I should have spent more." I agree.

You should also think about the experience you want to have.

Do you want to work with a team?

Do you want to work with an individual?

There are pros and cons to both.

A team may be that you are getting excellent service because you are working with multiple people who are working for YOU everyday.

An individual would be that one person who is juggling multiple clients but is the only person you are working with.

I have always preferred the team approach rather than the individual. BTW great individuals have excellent teams.

If COVID taught the wedding industry anything it's knowing that if something happens to that one person there is someone else there who is just as good that can step in.

I like knowing that when I call the studio someone gets back with me and I don't have to keep contacting them.

I like to know that life isn't going to get in the way with a team.

I like knowing a team is working on my photos and that the process is moving.

There is strength in numbers.

It is my opinion that when you are considering pricing also consider whether or not they are a team or individual based company. Because a $1500 team based package could be better than a $5000 individual based package.

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